Thursday, September 18, 2014

19th Century Quilts at the Edward Thorp Gallery, New York City in June of 2014

"Clam Shell Quilt"
c. Fourth Quarter of 19th Century
72"h x 76"w

"Mariner's Compass Quilt"
c. Fourth Quarter of 19th Century
80"h x 80"w

"Gather Up the Fragments Scriptures Pieced Quilt"
New York State
c. 1870s
72"h x 66"w

"Amish Four Patch Bars Pieced Crib Quilt"
Amish of Lancaster County, PA
c. 1920s
50"h x 38"w

"Album Quilt with Central Medallion and Various Motifs"
c. Third Quarter of 19th Century
 90"h x 90" w

"Blazing Stars, Flying Geese, and Log Cabin Pieced Quilt"
Collected in California
c. 1940s
92"h X 91"w

"Five Color Bars Quilt"
Amish of Lancaster County, PA
c. 1930s-1940s
wool and cotton crepe
82"h X 73"w

"Log Cabin Quilt with Windmill Pineapple Pattern Variation"
c. Fourth quarter of 19th Century
84"h x 84"w

"X or Chevron Bars Pieced Quilt"
Amish or Mennonite of Lancaster County, PA
85"h X 80"w

"Diamond in the Square Pieced Quilt"
Amish of Lancaster County, PA
c. 1930s-1940s
74.5"w x 76.5"h

"Carpenter's Wheel or Broken Star Pieced Quilt"
possibly from South Carolina
c. 1830s-1840s
cotton and chintz
106"h X 108"w

"Compass Star or Compass Rose Pieced Quilt"
Amish or Mennonite of Lancaster County, PA
c. 1880s
77"h x 67.5"w

"Floral Embroidered Crazy Style Quilt"
Midwest origin
c. 1880s.
Silk with silk needlework
76"h x 69"w

Edward Thorp Gallery's ( primary focus is to promote the work of emerging and established contemporary artists. It is also known for its diverse program within
both the fine and decorative arts, including art glass, ceramics, folk art furniture, outsider and self-taught artists. After 25 years in Soho, the gallery moved in 2000 to a 6,000 sq.ft. space on the sixth floor of the Baron Building at 210 Eleventh Avenue in Chelsea.

Edward Thorp Gallery has also promoted the careers of numerous artists of the twentieth century. Among those are: John Altoon, Christopher Brown, Eugene von Bruenchenhein, Deborah Butterfield, Eric Fischl, April Gornik, Eugene Leroy, Ken Kiff, Konrad Klapheck, Henri Michaux, Beatriz Milhazes, Elie Nadelman, and Richard Phillips.

The gallery now works with among others, Markus Baenziger, Matthew Blackwell, Katherine Bradford, Neil Farber, June Leaf, Judith Linhares, Judith Simonian and Shawn Spencer.


Friday, August 29, 2014

Images of Autumn

Fall is my favorite season. 
We, here in upstate New York, U.S.A., have had a very cold summer and therefore, Autumn is coming sooner than expected. Here are some beautiful images posted in advance and purely for the "love of the season."

Photo taken on August 28th, 2014

"Tove Sherling, a Facebook Colleague, used this old frame for her Autumn quilt. She writes about this photo, "The picture is just about me making something so I can use the window frame .. I love to go outside photographing .. and I love old barns and boat houses .. here in Norway one can walk almost wherever one likes .. as long as one doesn't brake anything."

Barbara Rothe's beautiful front porch sitting area all decorating for Autumn.

For the love of all things "apple" and "pumpkin".....

Glass art at Barbara Rothe's home. Love the colors!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Grand Central Centennial Quilts

This past weekend, I took myself on a self-proclaimed and self-directed "This Quilting Mama" tour of New York City and New Jersey. My first three stops were in Manhattan.

The City Quilter, a Manhattan based fabric store, in partnership with American Patchwork & Quilting Magazine created a national contest to celebrate and honor the Centennial of Grand Central Station. Four fabrics were created "incorporating the distinctive colors and iconography of this beloved building." This final exhibit at the New York Transit Museum includes 30 finalists from the over 80 entries. It will be on display until July 6th, 2014.

Honorable Mention: "Mercury's Concourse" by Fran VanEron of Fort Collins, Colorado.

Grand Prize: "Time Flies But We Take the Train" by Amy Krasnansky of Baltimore, Maryland

Finalist: "Stars of the Four Winds" by Pamelia Paddock of Abilene, Texas
Second Prize: "Chasms 16: Under the Stars" by Beth Carney of Yonkers, New York

Finalist: "Celebrating the Wheels of Progress" by Margaret Caldwell of Panama City, Florida

Honorable Mention: "GCT Centennial Cake, CELEBRATE!" by Nancy S. Hoskins of Springfield, Virginia

First Prize: "Grand Central Terminal Mandala" by Ligaya Siachongco of Woodside, New York

Honorable Mention: "Family Tribute to Grand Central" by Nancy H. Gary of Hudson, Ohio

Honorable Mention: "Frank's Daily Commute" by Julie Quigley of Brookfield, Wisconsin

Finalist: "It's About Time" by Melinda Meers of Melbourne, Florida

Honorable Mention: "Meet Me at the Clock" by Christina Blais of Stratford, Connecticut

Finalist: "Coming and Going for 100 Years" by Karen Morrison of Katy, Texas

So sorry to have missed the title and maker of this quilt. 

Finalist: "Escalator to the Stars" by Charlotte Noll of Lauderhill, Florida

Finalist: "Time Tables and Ticket Windows" by Patricia Porter of Lincoln, California

Finalist: "100 Years-- Out of the Darkness and Into the Light" by Kim Gimblette of Ossining, New York

Finalist: "Grand Timeline" by Laura Laslett of Greenwood Lake, New York

Finalist: "A Celebration of Service" by Angela E. Jones of Chula Vista, California

Finalist: "Happy Birthday" by Sheva Farkas of Silver Spring, Maryland

This one is my personal favorite as the top "photograph" is made from hundreds of very, VERY small pieces. AMAZING watercolor technique work. It is called "Movement and Connection" by Lisa Ann Bova from Dublin, Ohio and earned and Honorable Mention.

Finalist: "Memories of Grand Central Terminal" by Carolyn Rancier of Abilene, Texas

Honorable Mention: "As Time Goes By" by Gretchen Crozier of Fremont, California

Finalist: by Theresa Nielsen of Royal Oak, Michigan. Sorry I didn't get the whole title.

Finalist: "100 Year GCS" by Lisa Jenni of Redmond, Washington