Friday, January 2, 2015

The Day After or What Happened Here?

The day after a big holiday when you look around and try to process all that just happened.....

Months of preparing those homemade gifts........with last stitches placed at the very last minute.

The cookies were made......yes all 16 kinds.
Thank you, Grammy Lucille!

There was great anticipation of child and parent alike as the wait for the Santa seemed to overtake all.

The feast was prepared and beautifully presented. 
Thank you Grandma Dorothy and Grandpa Ed.

But with all this excitement of tablets and helicopters, books and toys, cookies and candy,
would we remember beyond this ONE day..........

all that is important to carry forth?

The love of God for us given in the form of a baby.

May we remember, carry that love onward, and live in worship, awe and peace.

 Happy New Year!