Monday, August 15, 2011

Winter Blues

Winter Blues or STUMPED!

This lovely piece was made to replace the very red and green "Christmas Stars" piece on our hearth for the mommy group's book club meeting earlier this year. The pattern is called "Moroccan Tile" by Cheryl Phillips. It is a very easy pattern to follow and came with directions for cutting the fabric with either an acrylic template set or a paper pattern. The details are below.

The fabrics, however, were purchased from The Joyful Quilter (, my local quilt shop. It was very humbling to face a bunch of beautiful "Fairy Frost" fabrics (by Michael Miller Fabrics) and to truly not be able to tell the difference between a true white and a very light blue!!!

Meanwhile, the piece came together and my "Winter in Morocco" tile was gently pinned to cover those "Christmas Stars" for the book club meeting. The reviews were in and everyone loved it. That was in February.

Since then, however, the piece has been in the same place and I am TOTALLY stumped as to how I should proceed to quilt it! Suggestions have been made by my friends and family (some of whom quilt), but now I am looking for advice from you, my greater community!

What do you think I should do to quilt it? Design ideas are welcome! Please comment or e-mail me with your thoughts. I appreciate it greatly!!!!


"Moroccan Tile" pattern by Cheryl Phillips and is available from Keepsake quilting:

"Marbled prints provide the realism.
All eyes will focus on this 42" x 47" quilt.
Kit has Cheryl Phillips's piecing directions, and fabrics for the top and binding.
Requires Cheryl's Gems 5 & 10 (pentagon and decagon) two-piece acrylic template set.
--Description from the Keepsake Quilting Website

Michael Miller Fabrics "Fairy Frost" blue fabrics available from The Joyful Quilter (