Friday, April 4, 2014

Artist in Residence

From a letter to the parents at my child's elementary school:

"The Cultural Arts Committee of the PTO provides assemblies and programs that are educational, stimulating and fun for students at Craig. We cover a range of subjects and approaches in order to reach the varied learning styles and interests of our students. For several years we have discussed the possibility of hosting another performer in residence. That is a guest “teacher” who spends a longer time at the school and is able to meet with students in more intimate, classroom settings than can be achieved during a morning assembly.

We are planning to bring artist Anne Francey to Craig School as our artist in residence in March. Ms. Francey, a native of Switzerland, is a resident of Saratoga Springs (NY) where she is an art professor at Skidmore College. She also conducts art workshops for students. Her goal in these workshops is creating collaborative murals using ceramic or paper tiles, which combine to reflect a stated theme for the community.  We think her work is beautiful and meaningful and we are excited about what she has to offer to our students.

Ms. Francey will work with us on a program called 1001 Faces, which will involve the whole school; students and faculty, in the creation of individual portraits a which are affixed permanently to a series of wall panels."

Here is the amazing result:

 Thank you Craig School PTO for the wonderful experience of Ms. Francey and her art.