Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Gift of a Snow Day

This Quilting Mama
has been working on these "Frank Lloyd Wright" inspired quilts for over one year. The first was a Christmas gift and surprise for my husband. Unfortunately at the time, I mentioned the second one and, therefore, my darling husband put the first on the wall off to the side leaving space for the other. Each time I entered the dining room I was reminded of my promise by the odd look of the wall. Months and much life went by before I was finally able to complete the project. So, with the gift of numerous snow days this winter the twins were reunited!

These twins are modified from the pattern "Charles Ennis House" quilt from Jackie Robinson's book Quilts in the Tradition of Frank Lloyd Wright (Animas Quilts Publishing:Eureka, MT, 1995).


  1. Don't you hate seeing reminders of projects unfinished? I have three partial sweaters peeking out of my knitting basket over there in the corner. I am glad to hear that you made good use of the bad weather. Where did you put the children while you were sewing? :-)

  2. Oh, in a play yard, or time with Daddy, or under a pile of Playdoh and crayons!
    Thanks for being the first to write here. I'm new at this Blog thing, but thought that my quilting might at least be eye candy for others. :-)