Friday, September 9, 2011

Peach Cobbler

The Purple Cook's Website Link

Hi Quilting Friends,
Here is my latest post through a girl friend's fantastic website!
Check out The Purple Cook!

She regularly comments on our CSA vegetables and fruits and how to use them on your family's table. She also has ideas about freezing, meal planning, etc.

I love her work and am thrilled to participate with one of the two desserts I made this summer. Frankly, I'd rather be quilting than cooking, but baking I can handle!



  1. YEAH!
    Sorry about all the posts, Folks, I just wanted to get the attach link part right!
    Thanks for your patience.
    Happy Quilting and Baking,
    This Quilting Mama

  2. Just the recipe title had my mouth watering! My oldest daughter grows/harvests/distributes fruit and vegetables for CSA boxes on a very small scale farm and my other two kids both support and subscribe to Community Supported Agriculture projects.And I'm with you on quilting and cooking vs baking. I do love my dessert making times :)