Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"Little Hospitality" and the Empire Quilt Fest 2011

This past weekend, my "Little Hospitality," seen above, was proudly included in the Empire Quilt Fest, a multi-guild show in upstate New York. She earned "Second Place" in the Miniatures Category. She is a paper-pieced 14 3/4 inch square traditional pineapple block work which uses warm floral prints. The design was adapted from a pattern by MH Designs. Each block has over 25 pieces of fabric and there are over 400 pieces in the entire quilt. Created as a challenge to myself for this particular show, "Little Hospitality" now warmly greets visitors to our home from her place in our foyer.
To the right are all the quilts in the Miniature Category.
They included the following other quilts:
First Place: Martha Flanagan's "Spiraling Out of the Box"  (top left of photo)
Honorable Mention: Bonnie Maclean's "Mini Mariner's Compass" (Purple and white in the middle)
Bonnie Maclean's "Mini New York Beauty" (top right) &
Marcia Hajeck's "Pieces of Old" (bottom left)

This gorgeous quilt is called "Spiraling Out of the Box" by quilter Martha D. Flanagan. It earned the "First Place" ribbon in the Miniature category.
Mrs. Flanagan wrote "This quilt was designed and created while working with Ranae Merrill as she wrote her book "Magnificent Spiral Mandala Quilts." This quilt is shown in the book." It is machine quilted and I assume, paper pieced.

Look at this detail shot! Amazing! 
It is quite an honor to have my quilt by these other amazing works of art!

The Empire Quilt Fest Theme for 2011 was "When Life Hand You Scraps." I, naturally, answered the call with this little piece to be donated to the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative: www.alzquilts.org
Called "Number 20 for AAQI" it will be the 20th donation quilt toward my $1000 Promise. So far, with 13 of the 20 sold, I've raised $530 for Alzheimer's Research as supported by the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative.
Very exciting stuff!

Finally, my friend and new owner of "Blumen"-Maggie, graciously let me borrow her for this show. Please see my May 2011 post for the artistry behind this little piece of abstract art.

I'm already thinking and looking ahead to the Empire Quilt Fest 2013!! 
It's never too early to plan!!


  1. Congrats! Your quilts are beautiful!

  2. Thank you for your compliments on my quilt....

  3. Oh, Martha, I assume then you got my phone call. It's a honor to be in the same show as you and your beautiful work. Now both of Ranae's books are on my Christmas list!!!
    Hope you enjoy the blog and please check out the March 2011 post about my other miniature prize winner "Petite New York Beauty."
    Happy Quilting to All!

  4. Congratulations, Lynn! This is just wonderful and I love that you are now on your 20th quilt for AAQI too. Awesome all the way around!