Wednesday, May 2, 2012

"Ten Bears Dancing"

Midwinter my daughter's class had just finished a "unit" on bears. So, for "Show and Tell" I brought this quilt-in-progress. It's either five bears, from the Bear's Paw pattern, walking though the woods (on all four feet) or 10 bears (standing) dancing.  The kids actually seemed a bit nervous when I said that I had bears to show them!   Otherwise, the chat was very fun as we talked about pattens, the season of Fall, the "warm stuff" inside of a quilt, and what is the same in the large blocks. Mrs. L's class was a great audience and very kind to This Quilting Mama at "Show and Tell."

The pattern is an adaptation of "In the North Woods" a pattern on page 93 of Joan Ford's book "Cut the Scraps!" The top is pieced entirely from scraps and 2 inch units "cut up" from my stash. The only fabric purchased was the wooded background.

This is a gift to two friends with whom I've metaphorically been deep into the woods, survived great struggles and challenges, and finally, like the bears, have come out to a clearing at the end of a great adventure. Yes, at times, we too are dancing!!

Since my visit to Kindergarten, the quilt has been machine quilted by Eileen McCabe of Quilting Threads located in Schenectady, NY.  She used an overall computerized pattern with a neutral thread. See the photo below of how awesome even the back looks!

Naturally, you ask what has taken so long to get this lovely gift on its way to the rightful owners, and the answer is one you will hear from many a quilter----the binding, the hanging sleeve and the label!! HA!

Best wishes, G & L. It has been an honor and pleasure to serve OAKE with you for the past 6 years.
I will miss our fun, not the challenges, and hope we can dance and sing together again someday soon.
Peace, Lynn


  1. A lovely quilt - great pattern to share with kids. Wonderful gift with lots of meaning.

  2. great quilt and quilting, so precise, was that computer or pantograph?

    1. Eileen just wrote the following:
      "It was computerized quilting on my Gammill classic with a Statler Stitcher."
      Hope that helps.

  3. I just added a link to Eileen McCabe's website. Local folks, check it out!