Saturday, June 2, 2012


Heard a fine artist speaking on our local National Public Radio station yesterday and thought that I would ask you all two questions:

1) Why do you quilt?

2) What inspires your quilting?

Please comment below. I'll be posting my answers in about a week. Thanks!


  1. 1. I have always loved working with fabric, and there is a tradition of needle working of all kinds in my family. I favor quilting because of the combination of design, geometry, colors, and wealth of cool techniques. Quilting relaxes me and inspires me, no matter the style or if it is hand- or machine-worked.
    2. A. Pictures of beautiful quilts.
    B. Seeing beautiful quilts in person.
    C. Beautiful fabrics.
    D. Any two fabrics that look interesting together or enhance each other in some way.

  2. I quilt as part of a family heritage - a craft passed down thru the generations as far back as the founding fathers I guess. Inspiration comes from a lot of sources, but mainly it is from Mother Nature - colors, designs, blends, brights, darks, moods, seasons.

  3. Liesl says, "I quilt and sew because its a nice break for my brain. I am inspired by beautiful color combinations."

  4. I quilt to live. Quilting give me a way to express my creativity and share my art with friends and strangers. I am inspired by life. All shapes and colours that I can imagine to combine brought to life in a fabric tapestry.
    Aotearoa M. Auckland, New Zealand

  5. Let's start with inspirations first- fabric- I love love love all cotton fabrics and always see so many projects in my mind. Sadly, many of these thoughts never make it out of my brain and into the physical world! If I made one in one thousand of the ideas in my head I would still have enough to do in a lifetime...but that is another story. Why do I quilt (I have not in a while to be honest....)- I love to manipulate fabric -cut it, bend it, pleat it, twist it, dye it, paint it.... and sew it back together into a new satisfies something in me....

  6. Thank you all for your comments. I too share your inspirations for color, design and craft. I will be posting on Saturday my "Answers" to the questions I asked of you. Stay tuned.