Monday, March 25, 2013

I love tests!

Once upon a time I was invited to join a Yahoo group about designing quilts and "the business of quilting" related topics. Mostly there to watch, read and learn, I noticed a woman from Minnesota who had a new table runner pattern. Eager to help, I e-mailed Eileen Hoheisel of Pine Valley Quilting and asked if she needed a pattern tester.

These are the two finished products which along with her own samples helped to launch this pattern out of the design mode and into quilt shops. Check out Eileen's awesome blog: to see more samples of this fun pattern.

  The pattern is called "Baker’s Dozen Squared" and can be purchased from Eileen at this e-mail address:

Happy Quilting!


  1. Thanks,Lynn! I'm so glad you offered to help.

  2. Really pretty. I'm on a list to be a pattern tester with a designer and I know that the next time she needs something tested, I might be up on the list. It should be very interesting. Maybe I'll actually make it to guild next month.

  3. Hi Lynn.

    Bonnie58 here. Just wanted to let you know I received your lovely little Amish parcel in the mail today. What a way to finish off a very hectic work week. I love them. Thank-you so much for drawing my name. I'm just tickled and can't wait to jump in and start playing with them. Thank-you again.