Monday, December 9, 2013

Advent in Music and Stairs

 Advent: A time of waiting in anticipation for the arrival of Jesus at Christmas.

Also known as a very busy month of December as one runs around preparing house, home, and gifts for family and friends while simultaneously attending every tree-lighting, concert and work-related "party" offered.

"Where is the time for me?" I find myself asking in this long month of busy, busy, busy.

I've found it in two Advent offerings.

First is a blog of my friend Larry Litman. He offers images of "Stairs in Rome" (his home). One image each day. They are ancient stairs, modern stairs and unlikely stairs.

Here is the link:

Second, is my little offering. From Facebook (which means you have to log in first), one piece of music which I just love and found freely on the internet shared each day until Epiphany. They are classical, modern, jazz, etc. A music lovers playland.

Here is the link:


Enjoy and Happy Advent. 
May you too find a few moments for yourself in this busy season.

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