Friday, August 29, 2014

Images of Autumn

Fall is my favorite season. 
We, here in upstate New York, U.S.A., have had a very cold summer and therefore, Autumn is coming sooner than expected. Here are some beautiful images posted in advance and purely for the "love of the season."

Photo taken on August 28th, 2014

"Tove Sherling, a Facebook Colleague, used this old frame for her Autumn quilt. She writes about this photo, "The picture is just about me making something so I can use the window frame .. I love to go outside photographing .. and I love old barns and boat houses .. here in Norway one can walk almost wherever one likes .. as long as one doesn't brake anything."

Barbara Rothe's beautiful front porch sitting area all decorating for Autumn.

For the love of all things "apple" and "pumpkin".....

Glass art at Barbara Rothe's home. Love the colors!


  1. Yes, the leaves are changing! You can even smell Fall in the air. What a lovely porch setting.

  2. I'm just not ready for what follows fall. I'm hoping this year it will be a very long season!! The porch is wonderful and looks so welcoming! Enjoy this last weekend of official summer!!

  3. I'm sad that fall is coming though I do like it more than the one that follows. I hear this one will be brutal. It makes me want to move south sooner.