Thursday, September 24, 2015

ARTAA at the Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza XXII

The Introductory Tour of ARTAA Presented by the Adirondack Regional Textile Artists' Alliance (ARTAA) as seen at the Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza XXII

“In Anticipation” by Lucille Makrin of Cambridge, NY
Lucille writes, “This piece began as an ARTAA theme “Flight.” A photo captured by my son at the Adirondack Balloon Festival, September 2009, was the impetus. They were blowing up “Where's Wally” and my 3 year old granddaughter was waiting to see “Nemo” inflated. The shadow of the observers is on the back side of the balloon as seen throught the inslide of the balloon. How cool is that?”
Note: Lucille is my Mother-in-Law. The son and granddaughter mentioned above are my husband and daughter.

“Life II: I have a Teenager” by Lisa B. Filion of Queensbury, NY
Lisa writes, “Living with a willful adolescent gives me plenty of material to use in my art in this second piece of a series about my life. Brightly painted and snow dyed fabrics reflect the colorful world I inhabit these days.”

“The Devil Made Me Do It” by Nancy DiDonato, Diamond Point, NY
Nancy writes, “Inspired by a church's stained glass window, this machine appliqued piece was created using batik fabrics for the “glass” and multiple layers of grey satin stitch to replicate the leading.”

“For Sale” by Eileen Donovan of Queensbury, NY
Eileen writes, “This piece was created with transparent paints and resists. When completed, it makde me think of family farms that have been lost with the advance of highways and development.”

“Dunes” by Joanna Monroe of Hudson Falls, NY
Joanna writes, “I spent many hours hiding in the dunes when I was a child. The sunny ski and blue water horizon altered when I changed position. Terns defended their nests in the fluttering forest of green and brown beach grass by dive blombing intruders. Sand stuck to everything. It was good.”

“Torn Apart and Going In Circles” by Karen Sturtevant of Clifton Park, NY
Karen writes, “I have a fondness for circles and they appear frequently in my art work. The title “Torn Apart and Going In Circles” says it all about this piece. A whirl win of circles flying freely about, changing direction many times as I adjusted my course and vision to keep up with them.”

“Dreaming” by Kris Gregson Moss of Queensbury, NY
Kris writes, “Dreaming refers to my wish to visit Russia. This quilt was created to travel to St. Petersburg with the ar tquilt group, Fiber Revolution in 2010. It is based on a well known cathedral in that city.”

“Contemplation” by Sherrie L. Turkheimer of Saratoga Springs, NY
Sherrie writes, “Contemplation” is about design and composition. Vibrant colors, subtle values, interesting textures, meaningful lines and shapes. I like experimentation and pushing the boundaries. I love line drawyings and the subtleties of positive and negative spaves. Always evolving to another level of ability and artistic growth is important to me.”

“Feathered Tulip” by Gail B. Frenz of Brant Lake, NY
Gail writes, “As a traditional quilter, I challenged myself to create an original art quilt. With careful planning, the curved piecing proved to be easier than I expected. I feel a great sense of accomplishment as I view my feathered tulip, which is guaranteed not to wilt.”

“Stop and Smell the Roses” by Patricia Spillane of East Greenbush, NY
Patricia writes, “My original rose photograph has inspired many projects, but my favorite thus far has to be the thread painting of this work. Ghostly, imaginary images slipping out into the border satisfied my desire to combine photography, drawing, and fiber in the single piece of art.”

September 2015 in Oaks, PA


  1. Thanks for this post, Lynn. I was lucky to see the show in Savannah, and it looks a bit different in each venue. This one is, once again, super!!!