Thursday, May 5, 2011


Detail of raw-edge appliqué and free motion quilting.

“Blumen” is based on the design called “Das Blumen” by Fourth and Sixth Designs. The background “garden” is composed of various greens using strata technique, then the “flowers” are created using raw-edge appliqué and straight free-motion quilting stitches using variegated threads. This piece, measuring 15 by 18 inches, was created for a local preschool's silent auction fundraiser. The pattern, if followed completely, will lead to a finished piece measuring 48 by 64 inches.

Given in honor of childhood friendships cultivated at preschool, I hope “Blumen” will bring as much joy to the owner as the sounds my preschooler and her friends bring to my life and home.
Come to find out an adult friend with whom I went to high school and whose child is friends with my daughter won "Blumen" and will be displaying it in her home locally!! I'm very excited!!!


  1. Beautiful work! I recognize some of the batik material. Have you visited Keepsake Quilting in New Hampshire? Very inspiring and material to drool over. If you ever need scraps, I'm your lady I have quite a few. I may have to try another quilt sometime whenever life quiets down.
    I'm so glad we have reconnected, I'm sorry under such sad circumstances. Please keep in touch.

  2. Thanks, Mary Lou. E-mail me sometime and we'll talk about those scraps. That's how I make most of my Alzheimer's Art Quilt pieces. A great way to use old fabric and to give back at the same time. Peace- This Quilting Mama